What are Life Sessions?

Applying skills that create an experience of greater awareness and freedom

What is Coaching? The Coaching for Transformation model is all about supporting individuals to get in touch with their passion, who they are and what they want, lending to overall alignment. Principally, results are achieved through applying skills that create an experience of greater awareness in the individual. As a coach I assist you in accessing your strengths, sources of motivation and your own natural insight to find solutions to your difficulties and bring clarity to your vision. The power is already in the individual, coaching is a method of unlocking this power and subsequently expanding our awareness of it. There are six core principles we embrace as Coaching for Transformation coaches and they are: wholeness, valuing diversity, resourcefulness, natural openings, freedom and possibility. There are six core principles we embrace as Coaching for Transformation coaches and they are: wholeness, valuing diversity, resourcefulness, natural openings, freedom and possibility.

  • Wholeness
  • Valuing diversity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Natural openings
  • Freedom
  • Possibility

Wholeness is knowing people are whole and simultaneously moving toward a fuller experience of wholeness.

Valuing diversity is honoring the diversity of the internal and external world of the individual knowing that will support awareness, self intimacy and alignment.

Resourcefulness is recognizing we all have resourcefulness and wisdom which when awakened activates creativity.

Natural openings are what coaches recognize and choose to follow because they present a direct path to which transformative action in the individual arises naturally.

The principle of freedom is recognizing people are inherently free and always have the power to choose.

The principle of possibility is knowing much more is possible than any of us can imagine at any moment.

All the skills we learn in our nine month training program reflect these core principles. These core principles are reflective of my personal principles to which my life experiences have been a testimony to and my lifestyle reinforces. The three core principles I personally stand for as a coach and healer are:

*We are creators
*Deepening our awareness we find clarity
*Commitment to applying effort and investigation will align us with our potential

I am delighted that I can draw from my experience with dance, Reiki, meditation, personal healing, vegan raw food lifestyle and cleansing. I offer specialized Life Sessions, Life Sessions that focus on transitioning into a juice cleanse, Vegan, Vegetarian or Raw lifestyle, Reiki Life Sessions, TranscenDance Life Sessions, and Retreats. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle for the benefit of your health and expand the creative potential of your mind, as your life coach I commit to you embodying those lifestyle changes and making them enduring.

More about the Coaching for Transformation model can be seen here at LeadershipthatWorks.com

How is Coaching different than Psychotherapy?
Although many therapists and counselors use varying techniques life coaching is fundamentally different from counseling. Coaching focuses on untapped potential and critical success factors and maximizing fulfillment, it doesn’t operate on the principle that something is broken and needs to be fixed. Therefore, coaching is suited for all people: stuck, happy, well, productive and unproductive. Coaches also do not give advice, and are not seen as experts or consultants. Coaches support and challenge you to discover choices that create the future you want. Coaching begins with the present and assists individuals in setting clear and specific goals they want to achieve. While the past is not avoided, it is addressed in the context of discovering what is blocking the individual from moving forward now. Embracing choice, the questions most often asked in a dynamic coaching relationship are, “So what? Now what? What will you choose today?”

Great reasons to invest in Life Sessions with Tanya:

  • You value deeper awareness and serious aim.
  • You acknowledge that two heads are a great investment for creative impact, healing, and advanced performance.
  • You would benefit from accountability and or space for drawing out possibilities for a personal or business project.
  • You are experiencing a creative block or personal block.
  • You need to reduce stress in your life and be more inspired.
  • You want to heal something from the past.
  • You want to explore sexuality, sexual energy, or heal from (mental/verbal/physical/sexual) abuse.
  • You want to feel beautiful and empowered.
  • You want to break a destructive pattern or relationship pattern.
  • You don’t trust a close life partner and want some support.
  • You are transitioning out of a relationship or want to manifest your ideal partnership.
  • You want to transition into a vegetarian, vegan or raw diet, or do so for a period of time to cleanse.
  • You want to live healthier, take on a fitness oriented lifestyle or meditation practice.
  • You want to explore your core beliefs, how to live them more fully, break limiting beliefs or explore the energy body, mind-body relationship.
  • You realize life is short and you want to make sure you are living purposefully before death.
  • You want to manifest and live your ideal life!
  • You want to try something new and embrace challenge!

Consider Reiki Life Sessions and TranscenDance Life Sessions and see further detail on these (menu below).


“Tanya has such a warm way of coaching that has made me feel so comfortable and easily able to share my deepest thoughts. She asks empowering questions and has such an amazing sense of intuition. She has helped me in ways that I will be forever greatful. I just love her!”

– Lisa Rocco

“Tanya’s delicate focus untangles complicated thoughts and emotions with unwavering faith. The Life Sessions with Tanya taught me that accepting my own feelings and past experiences would heal my deepest wounds and allow me to live in the fullest expression of myself.”
– Nadine F.

“I found Tanya to be intuitive, vulnerable and honest. It felt like we were working together. I didn’t feel like I was being coached, or that there was someone trying to impart something to me. Tanya didn’t come with any preset goal or conclusions. Tanya was able to disappear into the process while remaining fully present and connected to me.”
– Randall


All life session work is highly customized and scholarships are available for low income candidates.

I am happy to answer any questions via email or phone 212-380-6279 Call now for your free introductory sample session. Check out the blog and enroll to receive updates.