TranscenDance Life Sessions

Specialized coaching emphasizing movement and dance. Healing embodiment.

TranscenDance Life Sessions are a style of coaching I offer for individuals who want to experience a deeper exploration of dance, embodiment, and movement as a more prevalent means to the transformation that happens within coaching. Embrace your beauty, sensuality, creativity, and have fun! This method helps us reconnect to our body and heal disassociation.

I also offer a series I call TranscenDance Exploration, a process of developing the freedom to dance, finding that natural voice within. If you want to learn to dance or enliven your current journey with dance as a form of self-expression, investing in a TranscenDance Exploration series is a fun way to expand. I offer Collective TranscenDance workshops in the style of TranscenDance coaching and explorations. Collective TranscenDance workshops are another opportunity for a community of people to share the experience of dance, life coaching, and overall free-spiritedness!

    Here are the TranscenDance Exploration Series that I offer:

  • Sensual TranscenDance Series: This series harnesses and explores sexual expression through dance. We recognize the nature of sexual energy is creative and expressing it can be empowering. Everyone has sexual energy, lets embrace the beauty of how it wants to move! A serious depth of awareness and liberation can arise out of this exploration.
  • Play! TranscenDance Series : This series calls on your inner child-like playfulness. Silly-ness is embraced and total abandonment of limitations about “being an adult” are thrown out the window! Tapping into these states bring us to the source of our free-spirit, sense of wonder and strip away any rules about dancing within a style. Fantasy, humor and characters are embodied in dance. Everyone wants to break conventional rules and play! A renewed lightness and ability to express without thinking will arise out of this exploration.
  • Ritual TranscenDance Series : This series honors the expression of the inner and outer journey of your life. Encouraging the authenticity of your emotion and vision to be felt and expressed through dance; this exploration provides a way to process with greater awareness the ebbs and flows of your life. And enjoy it! Everyone wants to enjoy the meaning of their life, here is an opportunity to dance it and illuminate the beautiful forms you make. A whole new level of creating: joy, manifestation, completion and celebration.

Collective TranscenDance Workshops can happen at your center, studio or retreat for groups of 3 or more! I am happy to lead TranscenDance workshops with the emphasis that is most in alignment for your community. Any of the above types of emphasis can be experienced in form of a workshop. Collective energy is fun to dance in!

Perry J Dance Enchantment

Photographer: Perry Julien


During my college years, I pursued a Certificate in Environmental Studies and a BFA in Dance, training in Modern and ballet at UW-Madison. My passion for free-style led me to a turning point in my fourth year of collegiate dance training, and followed my heart and new found awareness, deciding that my college experience was finished. This decision was made despite needing a 5th year to get my BFA, turning down a full scholarship and relocating to NYC. I knew I did not need a degree to dance, and I knew I would keep dancing. I felt breaking was the most fascinating dance form I ever witnessed. I changed my discipline and began my pursuit as a Bgirl. Learning to Break (break dance) in New York with Ken Swift as my mentor I landed the most ideal teacher world-wide. Ken Swift is a pioneer, icon, and living legend in the world of Breaking, travels the world teaching and judging and was featured in the recent documentary, Planet BBoy (of which I was featured in the extra footage on the DVD). Learning and advancing my skills in Breaking or Bgirling, has shown me what it means to face and break my mental and physical limitations, pursue what inspires me, become part of dance culture, and make my own creative expression. NYC is the origin of Hip Hop, birthing an underground culture of Bboys and Bgirls that is celebrated world-wide. Competition is not an interest or motivation for me, neither is commercial work, although I am open to both and have participated in these opportunities. Cyphering, sharing in practice or out at venues, and performing on numerous occasions is my mode of honoring myself and the dance. Now my focus is amplifying my spiritual practice in relation to my dance practice in order to create personal growth and taking on challenges. TranscenDance Life Sessions, TranscenDance Explorations, and Dance workshops are an expression of how I embrace dance and movement married with coaching.

Showcase opening the film screening of Freak Dance at UC Beast May 2012.

“Tanya’s TranscenDance session showed me a way of connecting with myself physically and emotionally. During the sessions I expressed myself through emotional dance. In this emotional dance I was able to let my negative and positive energy dance it’s way through me until there was a balance between my movements. Throughout the sessions I felt more grounded and connected with my surroundings.
This experience has aided me to become more aware, patient and connected with my actions towards obstacles connected to my path. Through this experience I was able to gain a stronger spiritual connection through breath, meditation and TranscenDance. Thank you for the wonderful experience Tanya.”
– Linda Thithavong

TranscenDance Exploration Series participant:
“I came to Tanya for help because I had a very poor body image. I had watched Tanya dance and was mesmerized by the way she moved her body and allowed her spirit to move freely. I wanted that for myself. After only five sessions (and more to come), I have overcome most of my self-consciousness and I have learned to tune into my body and allow full expression, using every limb and muscle, incorporating heart and soul. I can only do this because Tanya has created an environment that feels safe, nonjudgmental, loving, and accepting. When we started, Tanya asked me questions about what I wanted to accomplish and how I wanted to feel in my body, and she created exercises that would help me get there. With each new session, we go back to those questions and then she asks me new ones to keep me growing and moving forward. I am so excited to be working with a body and movement coach and healer who is gentle but also challenging, continually prodding me to come out of my comfort zone and keep reaching into deeper layers of my soul, and deeper layers of contact with my body. Everyone should have a Tanya in their lives!”
– Marcia


All life session work is highly customized and scholarships are available for low income candidates.

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