Reiki Life Sessions

A concentrated body-mind state of healing and embodiment

Reiki Life SessionsReiki Life Sessions are a combination of coaching and receiving Reiki. Reiki is applied intentionally with the awareness you gained in the coaching exploration.

Combining Reiki with coaching allows individuals to take the insights from coaching into a concentrated body-mind state of healing and embodiment. This process really stretches the capability of our personal beliefs and allows the recipient to experience manifestation and a process of deepening their awareness of the subtle body. This process may start with the recipient unable to sense the Reiki and gradually become more sensitized to their reception of the Reiki and their energy body or chakras. Some sense it in the first session or might have had Reiki before. Patience and a willingness to invest in this process can revolutionize your mind, enhance your intuition, and ability to heal yourself. What ever your core beliefs are, this is the playground to challenge yourself to a serious effort: to apply it, notice how it effects you, and stay curious to the unfolding of subtle awareness. The core beliefs we explore are unique to you what ever your core beliefs are we customize the session based on your perception. Therefore core beliefs can be diverse, anything related to self, the world, spirituality, intuition, the current day or an entire life and death perspective. Here are three core belief examples that an individual might want a Reiki Life session on: calling on angels for guidance, the principle that concentration leads to manifestation on the physical, or something is blocking my well-being.


After 3 years of ongoing mentoring with Clinical Psychologist Pam Kingsley toward an in-depth development toward my becoming a healer in general, I also received my Reiki Master certification attunement. I was Reiki Level 2 certified by Rohi Kustage ( and recieved my Reiki 1 attunement from Angelica Georgiles ( ). I incorporate Reiki into the sessions I give to my massage clients and have utilized it specifically for injuries. Daily meditation enhances my awareness of energetic shifts and the impact intention has over my body. In this phase in my life I am embracing the importance of what Reiki has to offer the world and my role in making it available. In addition to Reiki Life Sessions, I participated in Health Week at United Way the last two years in a row, offering Reiki to the employees. I look forward to doing talks or classes on Reiki focusing on: the principles, current science supporting it, and it’s impact in our world today.

“Tanya generously volunteered at the United Way of New York City’s Annual Health Fair in May of 2012. She offered staff an opportunity to experience the healing and relaxing science of Reiki in the workplace. Through individual sessions, Tanya created a comfortable and private environment for staff to relax and experience the power of Reiki. She gives detailed information about what participants can expect, and ends each session with an assessment of the individual’s experience. By listening to the participant and to her own intuition, Tanya directs the individual to explore emotions and physical sensations by bringing awareness to areas that may (or may not) need attention. She is truly gifted in her work and I am happy that she and I partnered to offer staff this unique experience. I look forward to continuing our work together.”

– Matt Velez

“My name is Ken Swift, I am a Hip Hop dance pioneer, teacher and historian. Initially I worked with Tanya through dancing, she wanted to learn to Break, a dance also know to many as Breakdancing. The first year we spent allowed us to get to know each other within dance and also health, fitness and healing.
Tanya has helped me with the ability to relax and meditate – Tanya has done exceptional work with me, her ability to be patient, calm me and get me focused has been very helpful in the whole process prior to Reiki. I have learned so much in that aspect, which i think has allowed me to open up and receive her Reiki energy. I have always been a bit hyper and non stop so, Tanya has helped me to relax, calm down and breathe. The first time I experienced Reiki I didn’t know exactly how and where to focus so, I didn’t know what to expect and was distracted. I believe that the pivotal moment was when I focused on my perception of how I was being healed alongside of Tanya’s Reiki energy. I decided to focus on visualizing cellular movement by meditating on a steady flow of healthy cells in the area that was being targeted. I pictured this in my mind and trusted in my visualization. The energy I received through Tanya while in meditation was a new experience for me, I actually started losing my focus because I felt a really smooth circular energy and a very subtle pressure in the area that was being focused on, which I hadn’t ever experienced. With each Reiki session I feel like I am improving with my focus and also getting better at opening up more to receive Tanya’s strong Reiki healing energy.”
With Thanks and appreciation, …….Ken.

“I always look forward to a session with Tanya, because I know I will leave with a clear definite result. From the consultation, before I reach the table, we talk, listen, and bring all the issues to the surface that need to be dealt with. This is good for me, because of our fast-paced lifestyles we tend to forget the little things that we carry that can throw our energy off. For me, and I imagine this rings true for anyone else who visits Tanya, on the table all my problems come directly to the surface. I’ve had sessions here and there for the past 15 years and Tanya remains a favorite.”
James Cricket Colter


All life session work is highly customized and scholarships are available for low income candidates.

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