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Professional Life Coach, vibrant dancer, dedicated meditation & Reiki practitioner, detox/cleanse enthusiast, healer & vegan

tanyameditationportraitTanya enjoys bringing a greater awareness to all undertakings, balancing life’s challenges and blessings in harmonious rhythm. She is an accredited Life Coach, vibrant dancer, dedicated meditation and Certified Reiki Master, avid detox/cleanse enthusiast, healer and vegan. Committed to personal growth and authenticity, Tanya’s empathy has deepened with her 15 years experience as an intuitive healer, both through self-healing and the healing of others.Assisting her clientele with their overall well-being, Tanya utilizes: visualization, Reiki, Deep Tissue and Thai massage (training in Thailand), Flexibility Assessments, Assisted Flexibility Sessions, and Life Coaching!  Her services are directed with an awareness of mind and body connection. If you are looking to improve your lifestyle for the benefit of your health and expand the creative potential of your mind Tanya specializes in helping you embody those lifestyle changes and make them enduring.

Tanya’s daily meditation practice, spans 15 years of study and dedication to authentic Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist teachings, with   training to become a Buddhist teacher at KMC NYC since 2008 ( She has frequented the main Temple in England, as well as traveled to Australia, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Portugal, and Toronto for retreats to receive traditional empowerments.

The science of meditation is a universal practice of training the mind, expanding awareness, clearing the subconscious, and cultivating the healing capability within every person.  Meditation rings harmonious with all spiritual and religious paths because it is a science, in that it’s results are practical, beneficial and can be observably repeated upon administering the techniques. Tanya knows, “We can create peace.”

Tanya’s dance training evolved from freestyle to 4 years of Modern and Ballet collegiate training at UW-Madison then to a mentorship in the art of Breaking (Breakdance/B-Girling).  Tanya trains with other dancers in the hip-hop bboy/bgirl community. Her dance practice and performance work is ritualistic, a conscious lifestyle and a constant challenge.  Now becoming a mother she has explored belly dancing and voguing. Her vision is to continue to express and create through dance as a medium, to enjoy the community and further explore the sacred aspects of dance which point to healing and transcendence.

“A daily practice keeps me motivated and aligned with great faith in our potential for attaining freedom! My intent is to participate in the process of removing toxic limits (limiting beliefs) and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. My creative disciplines as a BGirl and work as a healer, connects me to the daily lifestyle of health and transformation”, says Tanya.

Tanya speaks about her integrative approach and her connection to being a mother in this video:

As a Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation and trained by Leadership That Works, Tanya combines her skills in dance, Reiki, meditation and coaching to create unique Life Sessions that enhance the experiential impact on you.  Tanya offers personalized Life Sessions, Teen Girl Warrior Coaching, Life Sessions for transitioning into a Detox, Vegan, Vegetarian or Raw lifestyle, Reiki Life Sessions, TranscenDance Life Sessions, Retreats, Workshops and Reiki energy healing.

“Please check out my blog where I share my life journey, personal experiences, as well as, current projects, workshops, and inspirations. And sign up to get updates on new posts! Thank you!” – Tanya

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