Prenatal Dance Tribute!

»Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 Creating this dance piece started with Azealia Bank’s song, I was really feeling the 212 song and I had a lot of fire to create in many ways before I gave birth. Leading up to my pregnancy I already had began to shift my identification as a dancer and let go of my attachment to being a Bgirl, exclusively focused on breaking. The last 8 years leading up to my pregnancy I was dedicated to breaking and no other dance style. Then I began to lose motivation and experienced a shift, a letting go, a reunification with my love for freestyle; just dancing however I felt without trying to channel that through a particular style. This reunification also brought me closer...

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Reiki and the Placebo effect.. Triumph over Arthritis

»Posted by on Jul 13, 2015

There is often some comment about the placebo effect from skeptics of Reiki.  While my understanding is that there really isn’t a conflict, so I will attempt to write about what I see is the connection.  As well, I want to shine some light on a triumph over arthritis, while using it as an example to discuss these points about the placebo effect. After having lead a couple Reiki healing circles, one attendee wrote me a message.  A neighbor friend, Kevin, who gave us (me, Ronin and Tash who led the yoga warm-up prior to the meditation and reiki that I led) a ride to the La Luz yoga studio to make our travel time easier for the workshop.  Consequently he stayed to receive the goods as well.  Afterwards, to my delight Kevin wrote me saying- “I joke...

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Reiki Intro Healing Circle Launch the Light)))

»Posted by on Apr 27, 2015

Happy to announce the beautiful beginning to my offering Reiki healing circles. I make no claims about what healing may occur but speak to the principles in healing that I am most passionate about and have lived out in my life. Reiki is a powerful acknowledgement to our ability to heal ourselves and address the role our consciousness plays in it’s power to create results, physical sensations and wiring in our body. I do claim that my ability to be a channel and practitioner of Reiki is heavily reliant on my Buddhist practice and that although I am a certified Reiki Master, what I tap into has more to do with Buddhist Empowerments and my understanding of Dharma. This is why for this initial start 100% of the procedes went to the NYC Kadampa Buddhist Center...

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TranscenDance: Rebirth Ritual Dance workshop

»Posted by on Dec 9, 2013

December 7th Offering this workshop for expecting mothers and those who’ve just experienced a significant break-up, at a time when I am expecting, nearing the birth due date, was powerful. I enjoyed it and wanted to hold space for those experiencing such pivotal turning points, as well as honor my own path. Preceding the conception of my first born child (son) I was quite still feeling fresh from my break-up so the workshop was in light of my insights about how these pivotal turning points allow us to become a new self. Dance is a great medium to channel and express our personal story. A little bit of history, from Wikipedia: “For the Maya, dance was a very public affair. It induced visionary trances where either individuals or groups went into an...

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Reiki Master Attunement / Certification

»Posted by on Nov 25, 2013

At this point so much is coming to a culmination in my life including receiving the Reiki Master attunement and certification. Having returned from the Portugal buddhist retreat, approaching the birth of my first born son, completing a raw food certification are some of the other major summations alongside other supportive alignments happening at this time. I really feel like things are coming together for the baby’s arrival, but I also see how my efforts and clarity that have accumulated to this point in my life has brought me to a point of readiness or at least steadiness. I am ready to offer what I have learned, and I am ready to grow from this new point. As a healer, an artist, an optimist, a mother, I recognize my foundation is strong enough now to...

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Tantric Transmission from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in Portugal Oct. 2013

»Posted by on Nov 11, 2013

My motivation for going to this retreat-festival in Portugal is quite vast. One major motivation is a shared principle in coaching: to connect to your values and live them out. This principle is universal in the multitude of spiritual and philosophical paths one commits themselves to. In coaching we target the heart of people to discover what is important, what are the values one holds, in such a way that transcends any dogma or religious framework. We are not so unique from the basis of spiritual paths/religions that we don’t have views and values that we live by. A question to discover is whether we are living by views and values that are automatic and based on conditioned notions (be they religious/spiritual or not) or are they views and values that...

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